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Create a legacy and fulfill your charitable goals

Your legacy matters. It reflects your values and tells your story for generations to come.

St. Joe’s Food Pantry volunteer

How can you ensure your impact lasts beyond your lifetime? Include charity in your estate plans and support the causes, organizations or our community for the long term.

Crafting a plan can be rewarding and fulfilling. The Community Foundation can simplify the process by helping you create a legacy plan that not only aligns with your values and goals, but also remains flexible throughout your life. We start by asking a few primary questions:

  • What charitable organizations or causes are important to you?
  • What impact do you want to make?
  • What community and/or region do you want to benefit?
  • How long do you want your impact to last? Would you like your legacy gift to continue in perpetuity or have a time horizon?
  • Do you wish to engage loved ones with your legacy giving?

Rock The Block Volunteer

With answers to these core questions, the Community Foundation’s top priority is to steward your philanthropic legacy and ensure your charitable goals are fulfilled. Any individual or family may create a legacy fund as part of a will, through a bequest, beneficiary designation or another planned gift.

Ready to take the next step in planning your legacy? Contact us to assist you in creating a charitable legacy plan that reflects your values. Together, we can make a lasting difference!

Michelle Lippart Hardwick

Michelle Lippart Hardwick is the Community Foundation’s Director of Gift Planning.

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One Response to Create a legacy and fulfill your charitable goals

  • Mike Van Asten says:

    Well written article, Michelle. A useful list of primary questions for individuals beginning to discern his or her long-term impact on our community. Such contemplation followed by action usually leads to a life rich with purpose and meaning

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