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Iida Berg


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Opening doors to bright futures

We have Scholarships!

Through the generosity of our donors, we have more than $1.7 million in scholarships available in 2024 to students from more than 70 high schools. We offer scholarships to high school seniors, college and nontraditional students, and K-12 art and music camps and lessons.

Our Scholarship Portal makes it easy to apply to and manage scholarship applications and follow-up actions

February 16, 2024 Update:

As students are experiencing delays with receiving their FAFSA Submission Summaries, the Community Foundation has updated what information we collect in our financial need section of our Community Foundation Universal Scholarship Application or the UWO-Fox Cities Campus Universal Scholarship Application. These applications have been updated so that applicants are not required to submit their FAFSA Submission Summaries or to provide their SAI (Student Aid Index) number that the FAFSA Form produces for them.

In these cases, applicants will be asked to use the Federal Student Aid Estimator tool provided by the Department of Education to report their estimated SAI. Other FAFSA-related financial need questions will be self-reporting this year (Student Savings and Student Income). Because the Federal Student Aid Estimator tool asks for the same information as the FAFSA Form, it should be a straightforward process for our applicants. These changes have been made in the application already with added instructions, so applicants will be able to submit their applications successfully by the March 1 application deadline.

For scholarships that consider financial need, recipients will be required to submit their FAFSA Submission Summaries to the Community Foundation during the verification process in order to collect their awards, to verify the accuracy of responses in the application. If the recipient’s official FAFSA numbers differ significantly from the numbers they provided in the application, they will not be able to receive the award(s) for scholarships that consider financial need.

Getting Started in Two Easy Steps:

When you are ready to apply, you can click the Search For Scholarships button below to find scholarships by name, school, and type of scholarship. You can also view the eligibility criteria and see how to apply.

In a new tab or window, set up your login and profile page on the Scholarship Portal

Note: Use an email you can access long term. Applicants should NOT use student school emails to register, as we send award information post-high school and college.

Deadlines are closer than you think.
Most of the Community Foundation’s scholarship application deadlines are February/March:


2.1   Wisconsin Garden Club Federation Scholarship Application


3.1   Community Foundation Universal Scholarship Application

3.1   Bonduel High School Scholarship Application

3.1   Shawano Community High School Scholarship Application

3.10  International Association for Structural Movers Scholarship Application

3.15  Ralph and Clare Rudolph Scholarship for Rockline Industries Application


4.1    BetterLife f/k/a WFLA WI & Upper MI Scholarship Application

4.1    Faith Technologies, Inc. Memorial Scholarship Application

4.1   Joyce Bytof Memorial Cancer Survivors Scholarship Application

4.1   Mari’s Fund Scholarship Application

4.1   Non-Traditional Student Universal Scholarship Application – Spring Cycle

4.1   SECURA All-College Scholarship Application

4.1   Van Hoof Family Scholarship Application

4.8   Ariens Family Foundation Scholarship Application


5.1   Gresham Scholarship Fund Application – High School Award

5.1    Inspire the Future Scholarship Application

5.1   Mike Van Asten Fellows Scholarship Application

5.1   U.S. Venture, Inc. College Scholarship Application

5.1   UWO-Fox Cities Campus Universal Scholarship Application

5.1   Wisconsin Bakers Foundation Scholarship Application


7.1   Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company Scholarship Application – Deadline Extension


9.13   Gardner Dam Camp Staff Scholarship Application


11.30   Non-Traditional Student Universal Scholarship Application – Fall Cycle


12.1   Gold Cross Ambulance Scholarship Application


Gresham Scholarship Fund Application – Community Awar10

We have more scholarships available through our Community Foundation partners. The links below will take you away from this site to the Appleton Education Foundation’s website and the Women’s Fund for the Fox Valley’s website.


Create an outstanding application with our winning scholarship application strategies.
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Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for scholarship applicants and recipients.

Scholarship Fun Facts:

Last year we awarded $1.4 million from 232 active scholarship funds within the Community Foundation to 512 students from 60 high schools!

We manage 300 charitable funds supporting scholarships, many established in honor or memory of family members, friends, and mentors. Businesses and organizations also establish scholarship funds to benefit graduating high school students, current college students, nontraditional students and art and music camp scholarships.

Want to make a difference for future generations? Create Your Own Scholarship Fund!

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