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Vice President of Finance
Kelly Tanck


[email protected]

Our Fees

Administrative fees support our ability to carry out our mission on behalf of all donors for the benefit of our community.

Administrative Fees

Our administrative fees support the overall mission of the Community Foundation. This comprises staff time involved in managing charitable funds, assisting with grant requests, and researching community needs and causes that are important to donors, the publication of an annual report, preparation of an annual independent audit, oversight of investment performance and other functions to ensure the Community Foundation’s ability to carry out its broader purpose. Board members serve without compensation.

Annual Fees – Endowment & Spend-Down Funds

Donor Advised Fund
a Competitive Granting Program:

1.0% for first $1 million
0.8% for next $1 million
0.6% for next $1 million
0.3% on balance over $3 million

*.50% is the floor for donor advised funds

Donor Advised Fund
With a Competitive Granting Program:

Assets up to $2 million:  1.25%
Assets over $2 million:  
   1.0% for first $1 million

   0.6% for next $1 million
   0.3% on balance over $3 million

Field of Interest Fund 

1.0% for low activity funds
1.25% for high activity funds

Scholarship Fund 

1.0% for low activity funds
1.25% for moderate activity funds
2.0% for high activity funds

Unrestricted Fund 


Designated Fund 


Agency Fund 

0.6% for first $500,000
0.45% for next $1 million
0.3% for next $3.5 million
0.15% on balance over $5 million

Administrative fees are calculated using the average daily fund balance from the prior month. Spend-down funds with an average balance less than $10,000 for the previous fiscal year ending December 31 are assessed an additional $100 in September. Spend-down funds with an average balance of $10,000 or more are exempt from the additional yearly fee.

Future Funds

No administrative fees are assessed until the fund balance reaches the minimum endowment level of $10,000 ($15,000 minimum for a scholarship endowment).                       

 Updated 03/2022