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July 2013

Bonds, savings bonds

Posted on Jul 31, 2013, by

Every Christmas when I was a kid, Grandpa Paulie would give me a $50 EE savings bond. These pink slips of paper weren’t nearly as exciting as the new Barbie outfits and Nancy Drew books I unwrapped. Some (many) years later, however, the 4%-plus rates on those long-neglected pink papers have greater appeal.

Free to fly

Posted on Jul 11, 2013, by

In the middle of Appleton’s Arbutus Park,  dark cloth obscured a pair of panels, positioned to create two sides of a triangle. With the covers removed, the crowd of 60 or so seemed compelled to push forward and touch what they saw — a ceramic butterfly mosaic representing the rebirth of a park, and a […]

‘Ridiculously simple’

Posted on Jul 9, 2013, by

Juan “Mito” Kudaka believes history repeats itself, because he’s lived it. At age 17, his grandfather left Japan and relocated in Peru. Even though he was unable to speak Spanish, he succeeded enough to send his three children through college. Mito benefitted from that belief in education and was better prepared when he arrived in […]

Old assets make great hand-me-downs

Posted on Jul 3, 2013, by

I always thought I’d be taller. I come from strong Scandinavian stock, drank plenty of milk as a child, and count several close relatives at 6 feet or more. But my long-awaited growth spurt still hasn’t come, and I’ve yet to outgrow an item of clothing before it wears out. Though not as obvious as […]