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Recipient FAQs

Answers to questions most commonly asked by students after receiving a scholarship.

Answers To Your Questions

How are scholarship payments made?

Before we can send payment to your school, you will need to fill out a Scholarship Verification Form and return it, with supporting documents, to the Community Foundation. You will be notified via email when the check will be mailed to your school. Allow up to 30 days for the check to be processed by the school and reach your student account.

What if I need to defer my scholarship?

If you need to defer your scholarship for any reason, you will need prior approval from the Community Foundation. Please submit a Scholarship Deferral Form via email [email protected] or call  (920-702-7619).

What about next year?

For each year’s payment of your renewable scholarship, you will need to provide us with a Scholarship Verification Form renewal along with your upcoming class schedule (with credits listed) and your unofficial grade transcript from the prior semester/year. If your scholarship was awarded in part due to choice of major, please provide documentation of your major. Mail, email or fax (920-830-1293) this information prior to the start of the new semester, so payments can be processed in a timely manner.

How do I say thanks?

The donors or committee members involved in awarding scholarships appreciate hearing from you. We encourage you to send thank you notes and updates. Please include the name of the scholarship.

Mail them to:

Community Foundation
4455 W. Lawrence St., Appleton, WI 54914

What if my address changes?

If at any time you change your mailing address or email, please complete and send a Scholarship Change of Address Form so we can update your records.