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Report to the Community

Fiscal Year 2017 - 2018

Dreams of a Bright Tomorrow!

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, fiscal 2018 brought another record year in grants awarded, taking the all-time total for grants to $295 million.

We awarded a record $28.6 million in grants to 1,251 nonprofit organizations, including $1.03 million in scholarships from 203 scholarship funds awarded to a record number of recipients – 438 students from 60 high schools.

The grants cover the full range of charitable causes in the community, including $9.4 million in grants for human services projects, $5.4 million in grants for community improvement projects, $6.5 million in grants for education projects and scholarships, $2 million in grants for health care, $1.2 million in grants for environmental projects and $4.1 million in grants for arts and culture projects.

Check out the full details in our 2018 Report to the Community:

Fiscal 2017-2018 Grant Recipient List

See an alphabetical list of all 1,251 nonprofit organizations to whom grants were awarded during the past fiscal year

Charitable Funds List

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Audited financial statements

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