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How We Work With You

Our professional staff strives to make your charitable giving easy, rewarding and more beneficial to the community.

Helping Donors Share – A Personalized Approach to Giving

The Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region strives to make your charitable giving easy, personally rewarding and more beneficial to the community. When you establish a fund within the Foundation we invite you to work with our team of knowledgeable, skilled professionals who are dedicated to providing excellent service to help you enhance your giving experience. We can provide these personalized services:

  • Create a charitable giving plan that captures your values, beliefs and convictions.
  • Discuss ways to engage your child(ren) or other family members in charitable giving.
  • Arrange a meeting with donors who share similar charitable interests.
  • Provide information about pressing community needs.
  • Plan a site visit to see charitable work in action in the community.
  • Share information about specific grant opportunities that match your interests.
  • Help you grow your fund through thoughtful and tax-effective gifts made during lifetime and through your estate.
  • Help to document your story of giving for future generations.

24/7/365 Giving

You can review your charitable giving to date, recommend a grant online or update your contact information at any time of day by accessing Donor Services Online. Print out our contact information.

Here to Help

Ann Engelhard
VP Donor Services & Gift Planning
[email protected]
Shelly Leadley
Director of Donor Services
[email protected]
Carissa Kranz
Donor Services Manager
[email protected]
Michelle Lippart
Director of &
Gift Planning
[email protected]
Jill Muthig
Donor Services & Scholarships
[email protected]