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Director of Gift Planning
Michelle Lippart Hardwick


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Himebaugh Legacy Circle

Be recognized for shaping tomorrow today by planning an after-lifetime gift to us.

The Himebaugh Legacy Circle recognizes those who have made future plans for their favorite charitable causes through a bequest or similar deferred gift to the Foundation. It’s a way we can celebrate the impact you make on the people and projects that matter to you long after you are no longer here.

Make it happen

It doesn’t matter what the amount of the gift is or whether you make a gift through your will or trust, an insurance policy, retirement account or other estate planning tool. To join the Legacy Circle, Click on the button to complete our membership form or call our office at 920.830.1290. We can also provide you with bequest language to give to your attorney.

What will be your legacy?


Donald and Violet Himebaugh 

How It All Started

Donald and Violet Himebaugh loved the Fox Valley. The couple – he an accountant, she a Spanish teacher – delighted in watching eagles soar over the Fox River from their modest home. The Himebaughs made the entire Fox Valley their heirs upon their deaths in 2004 by making a bequest of $16 million to the Community Foundation to use for whatever community needs arise. 

Under the care of the Community Foundation, the Himebaughs’ loving legacy will forever shape the community they valued so dearly. To honor their tremendous gift to the community, the Himebaugh Legacy Circle was created to recognize people who — in the same spirit of giving as the Himebaughs — plan gifts to be made after their lifetimes.

Himebaugh Recognition
Anonymous (4)*
Anonymous (7)
David and Audrey Aardappel*
Mary and Don Alesch+
Paul and Carol Anderson
Daniel and Linda Baumbach
Richard A. and Jennifer A. Bergstrom*
Joan and Leo Bernardin
Thomas Beyer and Barbara Bermel*
Joe and Ann Bielinski*
Karen Boeder
Bob and Becky Boehlen
O.C.+ and Pat Boldt*
Frances M. Bollenbeck*
Richard N. Boya *+
Otto and Joyce A. Bytof+*
Dick and Chris+ Calder*
Louis and Alissa Clark
Stanley Cottrill*+
Gregg and Mary Clare Curry*
Irv+ and Sue Curry+*
Lori Dehlinger Van Alstine
Joanne Delforge
Shad and Julie Derozier*
Richard and Susan Detienne*
Curt Detjen*
Eugene and Susan Doell
Ralph E. Dorn
C. Raymond+ and Mary R. Durkee
George and Janice Elias
Patricia McConnell and Montgomery Elmer
Ruth Elmer*
Bob and Pat Endries
Tom Endries
Michael and Patricia Exarhos
Robert and Christine Faulks
Frank and Myrtle Feivor+*
Dr. Chick Fenlon+*
William+ and Kristine Foth
Tammy Geenen*
Bill and Joan Geenen*
Joseph Gordon Gellings*
Thomas and Eloise Godfrey+
Richard and Karen Gosse
Paul and Elaine Greene
F. James+ and Mary Grist
Roy+ and Donita Gross
Ann Guyon
Greg and Mary Haasl
Douglas D. Hahn and Susan F. Hahn*
Jim and Melody Hanson
Jeff and Mary Harp-Jirschele*
Mame and Daniel Heaney*
Linda Heckel*
Peg and Gerry Henseler*
Chad Hershner and Jeff Amstutz
Gordon and Marilyn Holten*
David and Jean Horst
Mark and Tobi Johannsen*
Maurice J. Johnson
Sharon I. Steinert Johnson*
James+ and Mary Kabacinski*
Fred and Susan Kampo*
Beth J. Karlson
Larry L.+ and Sandy S. Kath*
Barbara and William Kelly
Jeannine Christiane Wyman Kenevan and Shannon Lee Wyman Kenevan
John Kestly*
Maynard and Rose Marie Kettner
Robert+ and Susan Kinde*
Earl Kinjerski and Patricia Schoenborn-Kinjerski
Jane Kleinschmidt
Don and Laurie Kleist*
Jeff and Shelby Knezel*
Curt and Martha Knoke*
Frank and Jean+ Koffend
Kelly and Sheila Kornely*
Cecile Kuebler
Robert and Jodie Larsen
Geraldine Loderbauer
Clarence J. and Elinor L. Loehning
Mabel R. Mc Clanahan+*
Joe and Christine McMahon
Patricia McConnell and Montgomery Elmer
John and Constance Meinke*
Chuck and Barb Merry*
Diane K. Mertens
Jack and Kathleen Meyer
John+ and Sally Mielke*
Harold and Doris+ Miller*
Patty Murphy
Cathy and Peter Mutschler*
Tim and Joy Neuville*
Carter and Carol Noble*
Suzanne Oberhauser
Kim and Dave O’Brien
John P. and Julia Metternich Olson
Helen Hardt Oskar+*
Diane B. Ostrand*
Kimberly A. Petersen*
William John Planner and Bonne Elias Planner
Amy and Thomas Putzer*
Todd and Mary Raether*
James R. Reichel+
Harry and Carla Reichwald
Victoria and Lyle+ Reigel
Jack and Glenda Rhodes*
Lyle and Christine Richter*
Gerald and Patricia Rickman
Jeff and Jone Riester*
Patrick and Anne Riley*
William and Sandra Rogers
Barb Romenesko
Ben and Betsy Rozelle*
Amelia and Walter Rugland*
Barbara Russell
Doug+ and Carla Salmon
Edward R. and Carol P. Sanders
Robert L. and Amy J. Sanders
Lawrence Sawyer and Debra McDowall
Harold and Jane Schiferl
Margaret Gilbert Schmerein*+
Sarah M. Schmidt*
Warren and Linda Schneider
Jerold T. Selle
Francis and Marilyn Shearer
Bob and Char Sigman*
Ray and Betty+ Smith
Cody Splitt+
Thomas and Mary Stadler
Jerry and Ann Stein
Becky and Jon Stellmacher
Lorraine Steuck
Raquel and Gregory Strayer*
Darlene Stumpf
Mary Sturtevant*+
Lon and Ellen Swedberg
Tom and Andrea Tatlock
Ron and Lisa Thiry
Marilyn E. Toepel
John and Susan Toussaint
Bob and Elinor Underhill*
Roy and Lucy Valitchka
Joseph Van Alstine
Roger and Lynn Van Vreede
Elaine A. Ven Rooy and Donald Ristau
Dr. Michael and Stephanie Vrabec
Joan and Gene+ Wasserberg*
Harry Welch
Greg and Peggy Wendt
Barbara and Graham Werner
Jeff and Elizabeth Werner
Katherine Westover*
Wyon and Mary Jo Wiegratz*
Jerold and Charlotte Wienandt
Cynthia L. Wyngaard
Alan+ and Judy Zierler
Janice A. Bombinski and Roy J. Zuege

+ of Blessed Memory
* Himebaugh Charter Members

Legacy Stories

Rick and Sue Detienne
Mary Lamers Grist
Ray and Mary Durkee
Larry Sawyer & Debra McDowall
Cindy Wyngaard
Jeff and Beth Werner
Donita Gross
Earl & Patti Kinjerski
Ben and Betsy Rozelle
Christine and Robert Faulks
Karen and Dick Gosse
Roger & Lynn Van Vreede
Pat & Jerry Rickman
Don Ristau & Elaine Ven Rooy
Lori K. Dehlinger Van Alstine
Becky and Jon Stellmacher