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Scholarship Reviewers

Thank you!

On behalf of the Community Foundation, we thank you for committing your time and insight in support of our scholarship program.

Donors who have established scholarship funds within the Foundation trust that their charitable wishes are carried out today and in the future. 

Getting Started in 3 Easy Steps:

As a committee member, you have an important role in helping the Foundation keep the process effective and objective. Click each link for the Scholarship Review process:

Did you know that our own personal bias can affect the selection process? That is why we have reduced the visibility of applicants’ personally identifiable information such as name and address in the student’s application form.

  1. The Community Foundation has taken steps to lessen ways bias can affect the selection process. Please read our  Bias Information for Scholarship Selection Committee Members – 2023 document.
  2. Access the 2024 Reviewer Training Session presentation slides.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for scholarship reviewers.

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