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Voices from the Valley: Art Making An Impact!

Did you know that engaging children in arts activities can teach team-building skills and provide a positive and constructive outlet and build their self-confidence? Here at the Community Foundation, we are dedicated to supporting art activities that bring our communities together and provide creative opportunities for people of all ages.

Research shows arts-rich communities stimulate innovative thinking, recruit and retain residents, drive tourism and create an economic engine. But more than that, art has the ability to not only add beauty to our world, but to educate or spark new ideas we wouldn’t have had otherwise. It can inspire us to engage with people we don’t know. It even has the power to bridge the gaps between people from different cultures and languages. It truly helps us understand each other and opens doors for us to experience our common humanity in new ways. 

Listen to Voices From the Valley: Art Making An Impact: Part 1

Links to our Artists

Irineo Medina

Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass

Stacy Parish – Full Spirals Podcast

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