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The Loop

Stay in The Loop. Find out what's
happening in the Fox Valley Region
through the Community Foundation.

Weaving the community together through art

An empty wall at the Community Foundation serves as a rotating art display where local artists are invited to exhibit their work.

The display of local art enriches the visits of the many donors, nonprofit partners, and community members who visit our building, elevating the importance of supporting local art as a community. Featured artists rotate every few months.

“Pleasantly Unpredictable”

Now through June, artist Pat Bishop of Shawano is showcasing her artwork, which features textiles and fiber arts.

Here is more from Pat about her work:

By featuring artists at the Community Foundation, they encourage creativity in all of us and brighten the day of everyone who sees the artwork. Hopefully, viewers can relate to the art presented here. Each piece is a thought, an appreciation, or a memory that was important to the maker.

My medium gives results that can be challenging and pleasingly unpredictable, which feeds my desire to be a problem solver. I tend to keep my compositions simple yet powerful with the use of strong color contrast, lots of texture, and simple shapes.

I love spending time outside in the woods, near the water, investigating plants, trees, birds, and other animals. This time spent outdoors inspires my art. I work intuitively and I feel I can keep the memory alive if I use it as the inspiration in my art. I love to teach and inspire others as well as exhibit and sell my work.”

If you are an artist interested in displaying your work at the Community Foundation, learn more here.

If you would like to support Fox Valley artists, consider gifting a loved one an original artwork instead of something from the store or commissioning a piece of your own. The Trout Museum of Art’s Made to Order provides you the opportunity to commission a piece of art through April 30, with final works displayed at the museum August 25-December 31, 2023. Learn more here.

What does a Community Foundation do? We’re glad you asked. Learn more here.

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