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Greetings from the Chilton Area Community Foundation!

The foundation serves to positively impact the quality of life for people in the Chilton area by awarding scholarships, providing grants to nonprofit organizations, and funding various local programs and organizations. This is all done with YOUR help.

What an impact it makes to leave a legacy that can be managed according to one’s wishes. How does it feel to know that your favorite organization(s) will be aided long after you are gone? Or how does it feel to give a one-time gift today so you can see the positive impact our nonprofit charities can have in the community? It feels great, right?

Feelings aside, the facts are clear. The foundation handles your wishes and donations as you would. Thank you for letting the foundation be your charitable hands and feet by taking advantage of their expertise and allowing them to safely manage your donations!

Check out our digital version of our 2022 Annual Report to the Community! Flip through our stories and read about the impact we’ve had thanks to generous individuals, businesses and organizations:

Derek McDermott is the board chair for the Chilton Area Community Foundation, an affiliate of the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region. 


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