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Making a difference in the lives of all

“We strengthen our community for current and future generations by helping people make a difference in the lives of all.”

That concise mission statement of the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region is what motivates me to serve on its Board, currently as Board Chair. I began my Community Foundation journey by getting involved with the Women’s Fund of the Fox Valley Region, eventually serving as Chair. It is my honor to now serve to advance the mission of the entire Community Foundation.

Since moving here more than 20 years ago, I have watched the Community Foundation work its magic in both inspiring philanthropy and matching donors with the countless projects dedicated to making this such a special place to live and contributing to the well-being of all.

One of my core personal tenets is that communities do not improve by accident. We each have a role to play in making the community what we want it to be. Included in that work is taking the time to notice when our neighbors may be struggling or suffering and finding a way to personally help to ensure the well-being of all who call this place home. No action is too small.

The Community Foundation helps our residents find those paths toward giving back. I have seen the Community Foundation help facilitate giving that provides one on one support to individuals and also large community-wide projects. All of these grants reflect our donors’ generous spirits and help to strengthen our community.

In the process of doing its good work, the Community Foundation sees itself as community problem solvers, educators, inclusive partners and impact-makers. We do this by connecting individual gifts to nonprofits through grants. We begin by understanding community needs through listening and knowledge exchange.

This often leads to convening and collaborating with those doing the good work in the community. Overriding all of this work is a priority of making space for the diverse voices and actors in our community. When you add all this up, it results in a transformed community providing a healthy and thriving life for its residents.

I am proud to be a part of this amazing, collaborative work rooted in generosity and aspiring to create a community where all people thrive. Together, we can transform people’s lives.

What does a Community Foundation do? Glad you asked! Learn more here.

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