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Helping those who help our youngest children

Catalpa Health, a local mental health and wellness organization for kids, has a mission of helping children and families improve their mental health and wellness.

Expanding services to Waupaca in 2018 (with significant support from funds within the Waupaca Area Community Foundation) has allowed Catalpa to serve the needs of children and families in the Waupaca area, as well as the opportunity to partner with local organizations such as Sunny Day Child Care Center. A 2021 $7,500 grant from Waupaca Area Community Foundation sponsored a series of infant and early childhood mental health trainings by Catalpa Health clinicians for Sunny Day childcare providers so they can better support kids’ social and emotional needs.   

Sunny Day has witnessed many changes in family dynamics throughout the pandemic, and an increase in behavioral challenges for kids. In partnering with Sunny Day, Catalpa brings infant and early childhood mental health training to their  providers, which in turn benefits the 300 children they serve.  

“This past year has been hard on our community, staff, and families. As a large childcare center, we have witnessed many changes in family dynamics. We, at Sunny Day, believe it is of the utmost importance to support and guide children’s social and emotional health,” says Tracy Jensen, program coordinator. “This program equips us with the tools we need to take care of ourselves and in return take care of the ones we care for, providing positive guidance to ourselves, our families, and the children we take care of.”  

Tracy Guiou, President and CEO at Catalpa Health, says “Knowing that by age 5, 12 percent of children experience significant emotional and behavioral symptoms, makes this a perfect and critical partnership to better serve children and families in the Waupaca area. We are extremely grateful to the Waupaca Area Community Foundation for funding this project.”  

The Waupaca Area Community Foundation is one of five geographic affiliates we partner with in the Fox Valley. Our other partners include Brillion Area Family of Funds, Chilton Area Community Foundation, Shawano Area Community Foundation and Clintonville Area Foundation.

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