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Scholarships open doors to bright futures!

As the school year ends and the scholarship season wraps up here at the Community Foundation, we celebrate another busy spring with more than $1.3 million awarded to more than 450 students! It is exciting to see students from all around the greater Fox Valley area benefit from the generosity of our donors. 

High schools recognize their students’ hard work during their scholarship award events. The Community Foundation partners with area high schools to provide certificates for scholarship winners to be handed out at the events. 

At Hortonville High School, Michelle Leiteritz presented the Hoeft Family Scholarship to three graduating seniors (photo above). This scholarship supports students who are passionate about community service with a two-year scholarship of one-third of their tuition costs. 

“In five years, I see myself as excited with how far I have come, and eager for where my education will be able to take me. Five years from now I hope to have my bachelor’s in mechanical engineering.” 

-Morgan Bricco 

Grace Tohm and Amber Fietzer, 2022 Harley B. Splitt Scholarship recipients.

Twenty miles west, the Harley B. Splitt Scholarship benefits Manawa/Little Wolf High School seniors. Each scholarship totals $8,000 over four years and recognizes students who demonstrate academic success along with financial need. 

“My future career goal of becoming a geneticist is to help as many people as I can. I am so ecstatic to start my journey, and the financial support is greatly appreciated.” 

-Amber Fietzer  

Congratulations to all the graduates from our Fox Valley area high schools from your Community Foundation! We hope you can take some time to celebrate this milestone in your lives. Good luck in the fall! 

Through the generosity of people, businesses and organizations passionate about helping students achieve their education dreams, we have more than $1 million in scholarships available each year to students from 60 schools, available for high school seniors, college and nontraditional students and K-12 art and music camps and lessons. Visit our Scholarships page, or learn more about creating a scholarship fund.

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