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Voices from the Valley: New Podcast launches today

The eye-opening, heartstring-pulling stories people and nonprofits in our community share with us are incredibly moving and informative. We get to hear their  voices, and we think you should  too.

Today we’re debuting a podcast, Voices from the Valley: A Podcast of the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region, with audio episodes highlighting the many unique facets and challenges of living in our area. It will incorporate personal, compelling stories and educational discussions from people of all walks of life.

Why a podcast?

We have a unique opportunity to help people in our community better understand realities or changes or expand their thinking about community issues and people in need. We’re excited to bring these stories to life through our audio podcast.

Voices from the Valley will capture these compassionate conversations to help us all imagine a place for positive paths for kids, an economy working for all, widely shared spaces and culture, where we all belong. Big-issue topics will range from food insecurity to diversity to education in the Fox Valley and so much more.

How to listen

Each recorded audio program will be available on our website as well as on numerous “on-demand” podcast channels, where you can subscribe and download episodes from your favorite podcast app and listen at your convenience. We will post new episodes every other week to start with.

Most of the episodes will be about the people in our communities and their stories, except for our very first episode “Our Story,” which explains who we are, what your Community Foundation is, and how we can work together to help the Fox Valley flourish.

Check out our first episode here!

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