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You’ll never guess what qualifies for $1 million in scholarships

You will graduate from Appleton West High School, really like math and want to study it at Lawrence University. We have a scholarship that will subtract from your cost to do it.

You are at Seymour High School and want to study the ministry. We are blessed to have an opportunity to give you a scholarship.

You shot varsity hoops at Menasha High School, you were never suspended and you are going on to college. You won’t be a longshot for getting a scholarship that we have to fit your game plan.

You are a senior at Shawano High School and want to study natural resources in college or technical school. We have a scholarship to get you into the woods.

You are about to graduate from high school in Chilton, or Kiel, or Kaukauna, or Clintonville, or Bonduel, or any of 58 high schools in the Fox Valley region. We have a scholarship limited just to you and your classmates.

The point is, we have scholarships tailored to circumstances you could never guess the details of in a million years. Fortunately, you don’t have to guess. Our 200 scholarships are described at

We have more than $1 million in scholarships to award to students who meet the criteria. That may involve academic merit, financial need, interest in a particular field of study, plans to attend a certain university or the ability to swing a golf club or blow jazz on a trumpet. The scholarship criteria have been updated to describe applications for 2018 graduates.

Find more information on our Scholarships page or check with your high school counselor.

If you want to volunteer to serve on a scholarship selection committee or want to establish or add to a scholarship, contact Jill Muthig at [email protected]

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