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By Curt Detjen, President/CEO, Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region

As I reflect back on the year that’s almost gone, there is much to make us hopeful. Your Foundation is serving a record number of donors, who have generated an unprecedented $19 million in grants from charitable funds to more than 1,000 nonprofit organizations. Philanthropy is thriving. Yet there is so much more to do than when we began 30 years ago.

We all have high aspirations for the region. By choosing the Community Foundation as a giving partner, change is possible across all areas of community life.

The 2016 Fox Cities LIFE Study, which we helped to sponsor, gives us research data that can help to spark change that makes a difference. It is no surprise that better quality of life starts with improving the prospects for our children. When our youth-serving organizations and schools dream and propose smart, innovative ideas, you can count on your Community Foundation to know about the most promising ones, and to join you in investing in them.

Strong and vital communities take consistent, hard work. Progress requires that people join together, each making a vital contribution to drive forward. Our region is fortunate to be disproportionately blessed with people and businesses doing exactly that.

2017 will bring its share of challenges and opportunities to make a difference. Your Community Foundation looks forward to joining with you to make 2017 the best year yet.

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