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Feeling the Luck of the Irish as I bid Farewell

I love celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with its parades, shamrocks, leprechauns, and the chance to add green dye to my favorite beverage.

Annette with Tammy Geenen and Carolyn Desrosiers

This St. Patrick’s Day, I’m celebrating writing my last monthly Loop post! After seven remarkable years, I’m bidding farewell to the Community Foundation and Nonprofit Leadership Initiative (NPLI).

The Luck of the Irish was with Me

Annette and Kim O’Brien

Like discovering a rare four-leaf clover, my journey began with a stroke of luck when I joined the Community Foundation team in 2016. And the luck of the Irish continued to shine upon me when Kim O’Brien, (O’Brien — how fittingly Irish!) offered me a role as NPLI’s Program Manager just two short years later.

What a pleasure to work alongside Kim and her incredible leadership — I’d liken it to finding a pot of gold at the rainbow’s end!

NPLI Magic

Annette with David Weiss

I can’t help but swell with some Irish pride when I reflect on NPLI’s accomplishments. Since 2015, our programs have impacted more than 1,600 nonprofit leaders. It truly is magical to have a community embrace supporting nonprofits. I’ve said it hundreds of times — nonprofits need more than money to be successful; they need strong leadership from their staff and boards.

I appreciate all those who support our mission of providing nonprofits with leadership development and learning so they can better achieve their missions.

Amanda Barth with Annette

I’ve enjoyed every minute of helping NPLI’s magic happen as my colleagues and I poured our hearts into ensuring every program ran smoothly. It’s hard to say goodbye to such fulfilling work, but it’s reassuring to know there is a strong circle of support that will ensure it continues to flourish.

Raising a Glass to Old Friends and New Beginnings

I’m filled with the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day as I raise a glass (or two) to my colleagues, David Weiss and Amanda Barth, whose ideas have consistently elevated my work. Thank you to my Community Foundation colleagues, friends and inspiring nonprofit leaders — you’ve been my lucky charms along this journey.

As I embark on my new adventure in Hudson, Wisconsin, to be closer to my children and grandson, I leave you with an Irish blessing: “May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, and may the sun shine warm upon your face.”


The Nonprofit Leadership Initiative within the Community Foundation is a partnership of Fox Valley-area nonprofits, funders, educational institutions and businesses dedicated to providing resources needed by effective nonprofit boards and executive leaders. NPLI offers a wide range of leadership, management and technical skill-building programs, as well as peer learning circles, to the entire nonprofit sector in the Fox Valley.

We support NPLI with a grant from the Community Vision Fund within the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region, one among many community partners supporting NPLI. Click here to learn more.

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