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Pathways of Progress: Fox Valley’s Transportation Terrain

In this episode we’re tackling the big topic of transportation in the Fox Valley. The needs, the gaps and the dreams we have for improving public transit, roads, and our vast network of trails. 

What do we mean when we say “Transportation,” and which entities are paving the way for our future progress? Our journey begins with a spotlight on the East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, established in 1972.

In segment 1, we hear from Kim Biedermann who explains its contribution to shaping the transportation landscape in the Fox Valley. We’re going to define how we get from one place to another, and what it takes to make that happen efficiently, cost effectively, and for all. 

Like many communities, the Fox Valley faces challenges in making transportation accessible for all, including rural residents, seniors, people who are new to our area, people who speak different languages, and people with physical and cognitive disabilities.

In Segment 2, we discuss the challenges and solutions through collaboration, with SOAR Fox Cities’ Erin Wege and Valley Transit’s Sarah Schneider. These two groups have come a long way in a short time to build a foundation for change.

Listen to Pathways of Progress: Fox Valley’s Transportation Terrain

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