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Gift Giving Hints from NPLI!

‘Tis the season of gift giving, and Santa Claus isn’t the only one who gets to hear wish lists! At Nonprofit Leadership Initiative (NPLI), we are privileged to have nonprofit leaders share their wish lists with us all year long. If you’re searching for the perfect present for your favorite nonprofit, we’ve got you covered. And yes, financial gifts are always welcome, but there is so much more to give!

Gift of Knowledge

Learning something new is like unwrapping a present. When you start to tear away the festive wrapping paper, you’re not sure what to expect. It’s thrilling to discover something new, and it’s even more exciting when it’s a gift that provides you with new insights, skills and a deeper understanding of how to improve something you care so deeply about.

Give your nonprofit’s executive director (and those aspiring to be) the gift of knowledge by enrolling them in the Leadership Institute. Need advice if this is the right gift for your executive director? Trust the testimonials of local graduates of the program who are eager to share how this well-chosen gift brings satisfaction beyond the initial gift opening.

Kari Kuiper

Kari Kuiper, executive director of Outagamie County Housing Authority, shared: “Connecting with other nonprofit leaders in our area has been such an asset. Different important topics each month empower us as leaders to grow our organization and as individuals to strengthen our community. From the first class of Personal Leadership to the last class of Ethical and Legal, I have grown as a leader from each course.”

You can read more comments on the value of this gift from the other graduates of the 2022-23 cohort here.

Learn more about the year-long education program and application process here. Applications are open now through Jan. 31, 2024.

Help Guide the Sleigh

Navigating the responsibilities of being on a nonprofit board is much like steering Santa’s sleigh. Just as Santa relies on a team of reindeer to reach his destination, nonprofit board members work as a team to ensure the nonprofit stays on course and delivers on its mission.

One of the top wishes we hear from nonprofit staff leaders is a desire to have more help guiding the sleigh — a board with a deep understanding of how each “reindeer” has a unique role to play on the team.

This holiday season, give the gift of comprehensive board education. Equip your board leadership with the tools needed to guide the work of the board by enrolling one or two members in the Board Academy’s six-session education program. You can find more information here. View a testimonial from Bill Skarie, a board member of a Menasha nonprofit.

Jingle All the Way to Impact

Finally, imagine the gift of joyful sounds ringing through your nonprofit as well-trained staff and informed board members work together to create positive impact within our community.

Annette Look is the NPLI’s Program and Communications Manager.

Annette Look, NPLI Program and Communications Manager

The Nonprofit Leadership Initiative within the Community Foundation is a partnership of Fox Valley-area nonprofits, funders, educational institutions and businesses dedicated to providing resources needed by effective nonprofit boards and executive leaders. NPLI offers a wide range of leadership, management and technical skill-building programs, as well as peer learning circles, to the entire nonprofit sector in the Fox Valley.

We support NPLI with a grant from the Community Vision Fund within the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region, one among many community partners supporting NPLI. Click here to learn more.

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