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Curriculum of Kindness: YMCA event empowers educators

The 2023 YMCA Staff Development Day proved transformative for our educators, embodying a culture of growth and collaboration.

This annual event, attended by over 225 teachers, not only reaffirms the YMCA’s commitment to professional development but also provides a vital platform for connection, learning and insight-sharing.

The subjects included child temperament, play-based curriculum, goal setting and the groundbreaking kindness curriculum.

Grace, an enthusiastic educator, praised the kindness curriculum, citing relatable presenters and its everyday applicability in her classroom.

“This curriculum not only enriches classrooms but also nurtures environments, emphasizing kindness’ crucial role in education,” she said.

The training sessions served as a bridge for educators to forge meaningful connections.

Tyler emphasized the significance of Staff Development Day, stating, “it gives me the opportunity to connect with other teachers from across the association and collaborate on creating a great classroom for children.”

This unity enhances our ability to craft positive learning experiences for the children we serve.

In essence, YMCA educators express profound gratitude for support from the Community Foundation’s Robert Dohr and Lilas Dohr Current Community Needs Fund. This investment in educator growth stands as a testament to the commitment to continuous improvement and community building.

As we celebrate the success of this enriching day, we eagerly anticipate the positive impact on our educators; growth and development, ultimately benefiting the children in our care.


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