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Kaukauna library celebrates Native American heritage

Kaukauna Public Library is dedicated to sharing Indigenous programming with the community, especially as we honor Native American Heritage Month during the month of November.

On Nov. 6, we’re hosting a celebration that highlights Indigenous art, displays and hands-on activities for all ages. These programs are important for the community to engage with Native American culture through a cultural lens and own-voice perspective. They also allow community members to see their identities reflected at their library.

Throughout the fall, the library has hosted a number of Indigenous speakers and guests.

The library recently welcomed Dr. Carol Cornelius, the author of “A History in Indigenous Voices: Menominee, Ho-Chunk, Oneida, Stockbridge and Brothertown Interactions in the Removal Era.” She discussed how to share traditional corn soup. The presentation also included a display featuring ribbon skirts and their cultural significance to Indigenous communities.

Elena Hill taught foraging and how plants are used for food and medicinal purposes while Pat Pelky, the former director of the Oneida Nation Environmental Health and Safety Division, discussed how Indigenous knowledge has been weaved into western science to solve environmental issues on the reservation, but also in federal and state projects. Pelky’s extensive background in preserving wildlife and habitats also includes working with restorative initiatives, including serving on the Fox River Trustee Council, which oversees the cleanup of the Fox River.

The library features educators’ materials and resources about Wisconsin Native American Tribes, which include hands-on activities and own voice resources for checkout.

Visit our calendar of events to learn more about what’s happening at the Kaukauna Public Library.


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