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Providing robust family philanthropic services helps multiple generations give effectively

For the first time in history, there are five generations over the age of 21. This generational diversity has a tremendous impact on all areas of our culture, including family philanthropy.

Picture Your Legacy and Values cards help families prioritize charitable goals

An organization called 21/64 created a Generation Impact training course for families with foundations, community foundations, and wealth and philanthropy advisors to help multiple generations to work, give and serve together more effectively.

Your Community Foundation now has three staff members who are 21/64 certified advisors to help families with multiple generations come together to explore their philanthropic interests and execute their charitable wishes.

“When families are interested in working together to give back to the community, create a legacy and strive to make a difference, we can use these tools to create bonds across generations to navigate the impactful discussions which lead to incredible joy through charitable giving,” says Ann Engelhard, Vice President of Donor Services & Gift Planning.

Two tools we use now with donors are Values cards and Picture Your Legacy cards. We go through a deck of cards with values words on them, for example “equality” or “responsibility,” or scenarios of various images, asking participants or family members what resonates most with them. This fosters honest reflection and conversation about philanthropic focus and plans.

“21” symbolizes the time when young people come of age, and “64” is an age typically associated with people thinking about their legacies. The numbers represent the multigenerational scope and are inclusive of the five generations above age 21 in American society today.

If you are interested in learning more about the tools developed by 21/64, such as Picture Your Legacy and Value cards and the Time, Talent, Treasure and Ties exercise, contact us via email or call the Community Foundation at 920.830.1290.  

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