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Working towards a brighter future in Shawano

Greetings from the Shawano Area Community Foundation!

 Join us as we celebrate another year of big hearts and even bigger impact throughout our communities! As we look back on 2022, we take a moment to recognize the abundance of positive influence, as well as a few new beginnings.

After over three years leading the board, Jon Meyers stepped back from his role as chairperson. On behalf of the board, we thank you, Jon, for giving freely of your time, resources and passion. And I thank you for helping ensure a smooth transition into the role.

As I consider what lies ahead, I can’t help but look back on my time with the Foundation. In addition to notarizing the initial documents in 1990, I’ve served on the Board several times, helped many individuals and organizations establish funds, and even set up two within my own family.

I’ve seen countless lives change for the better, and I get emotional thinking about the impact and values instilled. I am amazed by the generosity of our community members, and how far we’ve come!

Click on our Shawano Annual Report, and visit our web page to read about the impact we’ve had thanks to generous individuals, businesses and organizations:

For me it’s not enough to act in service of others. It’s important to create a network that can carry on this work. Everyone has a role to play. Because as long as there are challenges like poverty, addiction, abuse and inequality plaguing our communities, we will have work to do.

As long as there are caring, generous people, like you, we will continue making a positive impact in the lives of our neighbors well into the future. If you’re curious about starting your own legacy and creating new beginnings for others, reach out to see how you can set up funds that reflect your own passions.

The Shawano Area Community Foundation is one of five geographic affiliates we partner with in the Fox Valley. Our other partners include Brillion Area Family of Funds, Chilton Area Community Foundation, Clintonville Area Foundation and Waupaca Area Community Foundation.


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