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The Impact Organizations can Make with Charitable Donations

The discovery of an unusual new symptom, an inexplicable midnight fever, or simply, your child just isn’t acting like themselves.

All of these are and have been the warning signs some of the families that Children’s Cancer Family Foundation of Northeast Wisconsin (CCFF) supports have experienced.

When parents receive the news their child has cancer, their world as they know it quite literally ends and are now faced with an extraordinary battle. First, it’s ensuring your child has the best possible care on the planet, so their life may be saved. And if that task weren’t challenging enough, the financial strain endured by these families is nothing anyone prepares for.

Life savings are often wiped out completely to suddenly pay for hospital bills, medications, and travel. Two-income families often become one-income families when a parent must decide to leave their job to take care of their sick child.

That special amount of money once tucked away for birthdays and Christmases is now needed to make up the house payment.

Check out our videos from one family who lived through this experience:

This is where individuals, along with corporate funds within the Community Foundation including SECURA Insurance Companies Charitable Fund, Jeweler’s Mutual, and Water Right Charitable Fund, come in. It is CCFF’s mission to fundraise and support families with financial assistance, right here in Northeast Wisconsin, facing this unfathomable battle. And CCFF couldn’t do what it does without the generous support of its donors. For more information on how you can support CCFF’s mission, visit our website.

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