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Support from Chilton Area Community Foundation makes enormous impact

The Chilton Area Community Foundation is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year! Here is a guest Loop article from a local nonprofit making a huge impact thanks to Chilton’s incredible generosity.

By Greg Logemann, Executive Director/CEO, New Hope Center

The Chilton Area Community Foundation has been instrumental in helping New Hope Center over the last five years. New Hope is a nonprofit organization that provides multiple services such as housing, jobs and transportation services for the physically and developmentally disabled population in the Chilton area. One hundred percent of our residents and participants have very limited fixed incomes.

For that reason, New Hope Center tries to keep our rental and housing rates as low as possible which leaves very little in our capital improvements budget.

Thanks to the Chilton Area Community Foundation, we have been able do things like improving access to our homes, making them more wheelchair friendly and safe for a disabled group. Without the foundation’s support, these projects may have not been completed for years to come.

The Chilton Area Community Foundation was also instrumental in helping us build self-sustainable areas of revenue such as our T-shirt printing division “Made by ME.” In 2019, the they helped pay for an online platform that allows users to create their own art, set up stores, track orders, and accept payments online. This technology investment helped keep customers and made us as competitive as any other business doing the same thing.

Enjoy these videos:


The Chilton Area Community Foundation is one of five geographic affiliates we partner with in the Fox Valley. Our other partners include Brillion Area Family of Funds, Clintonville Area Foundation , Shawano Area Community Foundation and Waupaca Area Community Foundation.

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