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Anonymous gifts strengthen the Fox Valley

Sushi the kitten meows at visitors at Fox Valley Humane Society. The animal rescue, along with many other organizations including COTS and B.A.B.E.S, have received grants from anonymous donors.

The Community Foundation’s personalized service provides many opportunities for people to give quietly in ways that help their communities.

People, businesses and organizations can choose to be anonymous with some or all their giving. They can choose to create a fund name that doesn’t reveal their identity or use an identifying fund name in some instances.

“Having a personal relationship with our donors, allows us to provide a veil of anonymity when requested,” says Ann Engelhard, vice president of Donor Services. “It truly is amazing to see the impact created in the community by people wanting to quietly support the projects and programs that impact others.”

Grants from anonymous givers have strengthened the Fox Valley area in numerous ways over the years, including basic needs, trail projects, veteran’s needs, local libraries, animal shelters, mental health, respite care, and youth mentoring programs.

Here’s how one of our donors describes anonymous giving:

“There are times that we choose to make our grants anonymously because we are supporting a new organization and wish to observe the organization and learn about it before we are engaged as an active funder.  This is just one of many reasons we have granted anonymously over the years.  What we appreciate is that working with Foundation, we are able to be active funders and learn during this time.  The staff helps us navigate these decisions and grants.”

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