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We are listening and learning as we address diversity, equity and inclusion

The diversity, equity, and inclusion journey begins with each one of us listening and learning from one another to strengthen and enrich our communities together.

By Jon Stellmacher, Community Foundation Board Chair

Jon Stellmacher

Our nation has certainly experienced historical events unlike our nation has seen in over 50 years: a once-in-a-century pandemic and social justice issues coming to the forefront in a way we couldn’t have imagined a year ago.

These events have tremendous implications for the Community Foundation’s work, both immediately and for the long-term future. The Fox Valley region’s response to the pandemic has been remarkable, allowing the Community Foundation and our affiliate partners to play a lead role in responding to need.

So we are taking a fresh look at how the Community Foundation will address diversity, equity and inclusion – both internally and in how it interacts with, supports, and leads in our community. Listening and learning come first. We need to listen and learn, especially seeking the voices of those in the community who can help us understand – people of diverse ethnicities and lived experiences, along with organizations that have already considered issues of race and equity.

With these learnings we will reflect and set a course to do the right thing, consistent with our stated values.

Respecting, including, and serving all members of our community is essential work that will be transformational at all levels of this organization and for all facets of our community life.

We commit to sharing what we learn and how you will see it in the delivery of the Community Foundation’s mission as this work moves forward in the weeks and months ahead.

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One Response to We are listening and learning as we address diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Mary Beduhn says:

    Bravo Jon!

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