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Clintonville community flourishes in time of change

Posted on Nov 30, 2020, by

By Jill Cassiani, Clintonville Area Foundation Board Chair 

Having been a resident of Clintonville for over 45 years, I’m proud to serve as the Clintonville Area Foundation Board Chair.

Jill Cassiani

The Clintonville Area Foundation to date has $1,096,848 in assets. This is because of the generosity of the many people, businesses and organizations over the past 25 years who have invested back into the community. They also see the vision of improving our community and what these donated monies can do to benefit many of our area nonprofit organizations. Clintonville Area Foundation also continues to award our high school seniors scholarships totaling $12,500.

This year we have a new digital version of our 2020 Annual Report to the Community! Flip through our stories and read about the impact we’ve had thanks to generous individuals, businesses and organizations:

You can also download and print a PDF version.

Many of us know individuals and families whose physical or emotional health has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Numerous nonprofit organizations in our area have been challenged financially during this unprecedented time, too, and we thank them for their dedication to the community.

As 2020 has brought on many challenges for everyone, the Clintonville Area Foundation Board continues to work together with those in the community to enhance and improve the Clintonville area.

Please consider a direct contribution or establish a charitable fund either in your name or in the name of your family or business or organization.

You may contact us at 920.830.1290 to discuss how you can create a legacy.

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