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Consider these charitable giving tips

Establishing a charitable fund is a great way to make a community a better place for all. Your Community Foundation offers many ways to give. Explore some options this holiday season for your charitable gifts.

By Michelle Lippart Hardwick, director of gift planning

Michelle Lippart Hardwick

Leaves are changing, temperatures are getting colder and your mailbox is full of year-end appeals from your favorite charities. As you gear up for another busy holiday season, here are some charitable giving tips to consider:

  • We are here for you! Share your stories and passions with us and let us help you find the right fit for your giving. We can offer support for you and your charitable wishes by sharing our knowledge of the community needs, recommending articles and books on philanthropy, or offering suggestions on how to discuss philanthropy with your children or grandchildren.
  • Donating appreciated stock to the Community Foundation has a greater tax benefit than redeeming the security and donating cash. Learn more about the tax benefits of stock gifts by contacting us or visiting Please contact us in advance to ensure a prompt and accurate transfer of stock gifts.

Finding the best fit for your charitable goals, financial goals and personal preferences is the key to having a rewarding experience!

  • If you are age 70 ½ and older, you can make a gift directly from an IRA to a qualified charity while excluding the amount distributed from income. IRA owners can transfer up to $100,000 per year to one or more charities, including the Community Foundation. Under current law, IRA transfers to donor advised funds don’t qualify, but the Foundation offers other types of funds that do qualify. Charitable gifts from an IRA can reduce your income event if you don’t itemize.

Throughout this giving season and into the start of the new year, the staff at your Community Foundation is here to help you accomplish all your charitable goals.

Interested in exploring a family fund? We have a variety of flexible fund options. Check them out here.

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