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How Thompson Center on Lourdes loves our seniors well

Posted on Aug 13, 2019, by

By Ann Engelhard, Vice President, Donor Services & Gift Planning, Community Foundation

The Thompson Center on Lourdes is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the mental, physical and emotional well being of older adults in the community.  Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a breakfast at the center highlighting its growth and programming.

The center is housed at 2331 E. Lourdes in the former St. Bernadette School.  It was created by a dedicated and visionary group of volunteers in response to the closing of the Thompson Center on College Avenue in downtown Appleton.

The center is focused on fighting the effects of loneliness, isolation and depression in area seniors. When I arrived, the center was filled with activity.  People were playing badminton, knitting, dancing, attending a lecture, receiving foot care, taking technology classes and many of the other activities scheduled throughout the day.

Board members and staff shared that participation has increased 26 percent from 2017 to 2018.  As a matter of fact, 505 individuals participated in at least one program during the month of June.

Recognizing the need for an area senior center, the Community Foundation and our donors have provided over $400,000 in grants and pledges in the past three years.

Thompson Center on Lourdes is a wonderful example of how the Foundation’s donors can collectively impact our community by spotlighting a community need and providing focused philanthropic support.

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