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Nonprofits, coworkers wish Marti a happy retirement

Family, friends, co-workers and people graced by knowing Marti Hemwall gathered July 26 at the Stone Arch at Riverview Gardens in Appleton to honor her double career as an educator and grant-maker and to mark her retirement from the Community Foundation this Tuesday. Marti joined the Foundation 10 years ago after serving as a professor of anthropology and dean of students at Lawrence University. She joked that President and CEO Curt Detjen “took a flier on me” when he hired her to administer grants. She retires as Vice President Community Engagement, having overseen dramatic growth and change in the Foundation-directed grant programs. She said she has been moved by the passion and dedication she has been in the Fox Valley Region’s nonprofit community.


Marti.NPOs Marti.miked Marti.Curt Marti.Curt.hug Marti.John.Curt Marti.toast Marti.raisedarms
Coworkers, friends and other nonprofit professionals celebrate.

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