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Scholarships top $1 million again

Generous donors and qualified graduates combined to allow the Community Foundation to award more than $1 million in scholarships for the third year in a row for students attending college in fall.

Our 409 scholarship recipients for 2018 received a total of $1.01 million in scholarships offered from among 189 charitable funds with the Foundation. We work with 60 high schools to offer scholarships judged by merit, financial need, the college or university the student will attend, the field of study, the high school from which the student will graduate and other criteria selected by the donors.

It’s all possible thanks to the cooperation of guidance counselors and other educators at area high schools and more than 100 volunteers who serve on scholarship selection committees.

The announcement of the various scholarships brought a shower of thank yous for the donors, like these:

“I am excited to see what I can accomplish with the support of people like you. I will be certain to put your donation to my education to positive use.”

“It’s amazing what the Foundation does for schools around the Fox Valley! Thank you so much for what you all do for our community.”

“I promise to work hard and push myself to the best of my abilities throughout my post-secondary education, and use the opportunity you gave me as a way to give back to others through my nursing education.”

“Thank you for your generous scholarship gift and for supporting students like myself who have worked hard during these past four years. You have no idea how touched I am with your financial contributions. Your gift will assist in lightening the load this next year.”

“With this financial help I will be able to focus more on my studies and it will ease my money worries. Thanks again!”

Interested in starting or giving to an existing scholarship fund? Call us at 920-830-1290.

Search by high school to find available scholarships at

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