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Certification renewal shows we exceed national standards

Teachers need to be certified. So do plumbers. Your hair stylist and you accupunturist are certified. You certainly would expect no less from your community foundation.

Getting our certification renewed by the Council on Foundations as meeting the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations was a long and grueling process. We have been informed that our certification has been renewed. We are among more than 500 certified community foundations in the United States. Not everyone who calls their organization a community foundation can make that claim.

What does that mean to you? It is an assurance that we go beyond what is required by state and federal law to be a responsible and transparent steward of your charitable legacy. This hard-earned piece of paper testifies to us meeting our stated core values of integrity, respect and teamwork.

We exist to help you meet the needs of the community for good and forever. We describe it as “Helping Donors Share.” The certification means you can be certain that we’re doing it right.

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