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Marsha tells her story of Rock the Block

Posted on Sep 17, 2015, by

September 17, 2015

Yesterday, the volunteer crew arrived bright and early, ready to rock my block! Volunteers removed an old decrepit chimney that was falling apart on my roof.

yard-before and after side by side shotAnother couple of guys went to work on my landscaping. I had so many weeds and monster plants that I couldn’t see my neighbor’s driveway or the street from my front porch. What those guys did in such a short time was amazing to me. It would’ve taken me a month to accomplish that feat.

Meanwhile, other volunteers were working on my garage. Two removed the old garage door that had rotted, and they replaced it with a beautiful new door. A couple of guys worked on the two windows that marsha hammeringneeded to be replaced. I even got to contribute on this project. I painted the old frames and did some hammering. The other volunteers removed old rotted stuff and prepped for new siding.

This morning, the volunteer crew started installing some of the areas that were disassembled yesterday. I noticed that there is a tendency to work in teams of two. Front to back, side by side. I got to paint some boards that will be used to repair my fence, which is very important to me. It was power washed to prep for painting on Saturday.DSC00946

DSC00920Volunteers are installing siding on my garage already! These individuals are performing in such a professional manner one would think they are all carpenters, but many are retired teachers. I just can’t praise these folks highly enough for everything they are doing for me and for so many other homeowners. Most of us could never afford to contract this work.


Homeowner Marsha Jenks is sharing her journal entries here on our blog as her house, garage and yard are rehabbed during the Greater Fox Cities Area Habitat for Humanity’s first-ever Rock the Block blitz Sept. 14-19 in an Appleton neighborhood. The Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region helped RTB get started with a $300,000 Community Leadership Initiative grant.

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