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Innovation here and for the nation

Posted on Nov 22, 2013, by

Nancy and Wayne Christman know the challenges of dementia.

The Community Foundation used the occasion of its annual fall celebration of giving on Nov. 19 to shine the spotlight on a compelling initiative growing right here in our community, the Fox Valley Memory Project. (view full program)

About 400 people gathered to learn about efforts to transform the Fox Cities into a dementia-friendly community, one of the first in the country. (see photos and video)

We all know that people are living longer lives, and that advancing age is correlated with dementia. This advancing trend is not unique to our region.

What is distinctive here is that we have local experts who are combining their vast expertise and their global best practices research – to make a profound difference right here in our community. The impact of this work will be felt by a great many of us. And don’t be surprised when Appleton and the Fox Valley become sought after for yet another point of distinction.

Wonderful things are possible when people join together to allow the “collective we” to replace the “me” in community life. That’s the way this community grows stronger, and one of the reasons I am so proud to call this my hometown.

Learn more. Get involved. Give your time or money to this effort.

Curt Detjen is President and CEO of the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region. Email him at [email protected]

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