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Survey says: Fox Valley is generous

Posted on Sep 5, 2013, by
Giving is part of the fabric of the Fox Valley. octoberfestonline photo

Giving is part of the fabric of the Fox Valley. octoberfestonline photo

We suspect it. We talk about it. We’re pretty sure it’s true. The people of the Fox Valley region are a pretty generous bunch. A recent national study says we’re right.

The latest Columbus Survey says the folks around here rank in the top 100 nationally — 66th to be exact — in per-person giving to their local community foundation.

In the world of community foundations, the Columbus Survey is one of the real gold standards of information on giving.

The numbers suggest we accomplished it by a lot of people doing their part. You made the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region the 21st busiest in the nation. We handled more than 10,000 transactions in 2012 – either gifts coming in or grants going out of charitable funds set up through us.

That amount of giving ranked us in the top 100 in gifts, grants and total assets, keeping company with our counterparts from San Antonio, St. Louis and even Dallas.

It speaks well of the people of the Fox Valley, but we ‘re going to keep working to do even better.

Curt Detjen is president/CEO of the Community Foundation or the Fox Valley Region. Email him at [email protected].

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