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Donor fund helps pave way for pastor’s citizenship!

A grant from the Zion United Methodist Fund within the Brillion Area Family of Funds helped contribute to the cost of citizenship for a new pastor, Pastor Sang You and his wife, Chun Young (Grace) Kim, to Zion United Methodist Church in Forest Junction, Wis.

“I’m from Forest Junction, Wisconsin!”
By Pastor Sang You

On the 28th day of last month, my wife and I attended “Oath Ceremony,” where we took the oath of becoming a U.S. citizen and got a certificate of U.S. citizenship. Twenty years after we came to the U.S., my wife and I became “legal American citizens.”

At first, we came to the United States as an International Student (1999-2003), and a few years later we began ministry after we got a Religious Worker status (2003-2009).

Later, we became a Permanent Resident (2009-2019) and lived as a permanent resident until last month. Then, we became a U.S. citizen last week. Of course, I could have been a U.S. citizen earlier. However, I was a little late in becoming a U.S. citizen because there was a time when I was struggling, worried about giving up my original citizenship and becoming a citizen of a new country.

The biggest influence in my decision to acquire U.S. citizenship was to be the pastor of Zion UMC here at Forest Junction. In more detail, the love and care given to me and my family by the members and leaders of the Zion Church, who I meet every day and every Sunday, is one of the biggest factors that my wife and I have decided to be U.S. citizens.

So, I have a great desire to be like those who give me and my family sincere care and true love. And the most obvious way for me to be one of them, who have different cultural backgrounds than me, is to have the same nationality. Of course, having the same nationality does not mean I become one. However, at least, it gives us one thing in common, so it meant a lot to me and my wife. Therefore, unlike before, I didn’t worry it so much and decided easily without conflict when it was time for a decision.

Again, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all people who have prayed and supported me and my wife to get a U.S. citizenship. Please, let us know more about what we need to know to live as an exemplary U.S. citizen.

I don’t know how other people will accept it, but Forest Junction, Wis., is our new hometown. Since the address on our Certificate of U.S. Citizens is N8887 Church St. Forest Junction, WI 54123, we will answer “We are from Forest Junction, Wisconsin,” if someone ask us, “where are you from?”

Now, we are new American citizens and new community members of Forest Junction. We will do our best to be a proud citizen of our new homeland and a resident of our new hometown. We look forward to your continued care, love, advice and support.

God Bless My New Country and Hometown!

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