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Catalpa forms infant and early childhood mental health clinic

Catalpa Health of Appleton has trained 13 counselors for its Seedlings program to address the mental health needs through its infant mental health program. Supported by a $40,000 grant from the Bright Idea Fund and $16,000 from two donor funds within the Community Foundation, these providers work with parents of children from birth to age 5. A collaboration of Ascension, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and ThedaCare, Catalpa Health provides a full continuum of mental health, wellness and preventative services to children and adolescents in the Fox Valley.

By Emily Banta, development coordinator for Catalpa Health

Did you know more children are expelled from preschool and daycare than from kindergarten through grade 12, combined?

In fact, already by age five, 12 percent of children experience significant emotional and behavioral symptoms. This rate is significantly higher for low-income children.

Seedlings: Catalpa is training 13 team members to serve kids from birth-5

Thanks to the generosity of donors from the Community Foundation, we can help.

We know the earlier we work with kids and families, the higher their chances of success in school and life. The new Seedlings Early Childhood Mental Health Clinic is comprised of 13 team members trained to serve kids from birth through age 5.

Seedlings is available within our existing Catalpa Health clinics for the youngest in our community in need of services.

This specialized training has been made possible through grants from the Bright Idea Fund, the Leland O. and Leone F. Skowen Charitable Fund and the Cathryn Probst Fund, all within the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region.

Therapists work with parents to identify the needs of the child, explore areas of challenge, and discover tools and resources to best meet the needs of the child and parent.

Your continued, generous donations help make specialized mental health care accessible to kids and families in our community. Thank you!

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