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Delving into Donorship

Posted on Oct 2, 2018, by

As we approach the end of the year, we’re entering what many call the “giving season,” when gifts to charitable organizations increase. But besides the time of year, what really motivates donors to give?

Giving trends may shift in our ever-changing landscape, but the needs in our communities remain the same. That is why planned giving is an essential part of a nonprofit’s fundraising efforts, according to Bryan Clontz, president of Florida-based Charitable Solutions.

“Charitable organizations looking for answers may not realize the simplicity of the process,” said Clontz. “Most boards and managers are missing out on the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the world because they’re so focused with ‘keeping the lights on’ that they are missing organization-changing gifts hidden in plain sight.”

Another misnomer, Clontz said, is that planned giving is too complicated and costs too much. He tells nonprofits it takes far less time than they think, just two-to-three hours a month, and building the essentials takes little to no money. Clontz presents his advice to nonprofits around the U.S., and has been a go-to resource in the Fox Valley for many nonprofit staff and board members looking to create or enhance a robust planned giving program with no money and in two to three hours per month.

Bryan Clontz, Charitable Solutions

Clontz is bringing his workshop, “You can do it: Powerful planned giving with a shoestring staff and budget,” to Neenah on October 4.

Many charities are seeking best practices of nonprofit board engagement, prospecting, marketing, cultivating donors, and tax trends. Clontz said he will describe what really motivates donors to give, and how to prospect and have the conversation while literally providing a step-by-step action plan for when attendees get back to the office.

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