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Donor Services & Environmental Grants Manager
David Horst


[email protected]

Environmental Stewardship Fund

Addressing environmental challenges and encouraging appreciation for nature.

Families of Funds


Environmental Grants

We have realigned our grant-making from the the Environmental Stewardship Fund. Environmental grant requests are now simply handled through the Bright Idea Fund grant process. Requests of up to $2,500 for events or $5,000 for programs can be submitted as Spark grant requests. Larger requests can be submitted under the Bright Idea Fund’s Environment focus area. All grant money generated by the Environmental Stewardship Fund will support only environmental grant request through the Bright Idea Fund.  The Environmental Stewardship Fund was established in 2003 with gifts of at least $1,000 from 54 founding donors and a match approved by the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Deadlines: Apply at any time by calling the contact listed below.

What We Fund


Purpose: Support creative, economically feasible solutions that benefit broad segments of the population to improve the well-being of current and future generations.

Priority 1: Access and Inclusion — Provide opportunities and remove barriers so all people can experience nature and learn the importance of a healthy environment.

Priority 2: Community Education & Awareness — Improve environmental education and increase public awareness about environmental topics affecting our communities, homes and places of business.

Priority 3: Well-Being — Preserve, protect and enhance the region's natural resources in ways that will improve the well-being of current and future residents.

What We Don't Fund

Environmental Stewardship grants typically don't support the following:

  • General operating expenses not related to the proposed project.
  • Capital projects, except minor capital expenses directly related to the programs.
  • Projects so large that our grant would have little impact.
  • Medical research
  • Travel costs for projects that occur outside of the Fox Valley region.
  • Fund-raisers

To Apply

First, read the Community Foundation’s general grant policies to see if your project qualifies. Then discuss your environmental stewardship grant proposal with:

David Horst
Donor Services & Environmental Grants Manager
[email protected]