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Community Vision Fund

(Formerly Bright Idea Fund)

Community Foundation service area map (Double-click to enlarge)

Our Bright Idea Fund is now called The Community Vision Fund.
From July 1-August 14, 2022, we’re pausing grantmaking from the renamed fund to focus on communicating a new grantmaking strategy and improving the application process.

An in-person informational session is scheduled for August 9. GO HERE FOR DETAILS AND TO REGISTER.

If you are unable to join us, you can watch our virtual information session:

Grantmaking from the renamed fund will resume August 15 with the continuation of rolling monthly deadlines. In the meantime, if there’s an urgent need or request, we’ll be as responsive and helpful as we can.

Carolyn Desrosiers, Community Engagement Manager, [email protected], 920.702.7625
Tammy Geenen, Vice President of Community Engagement, [email protected], 920.702.7634  

Fund Evolution Background

Over the last two years, we engaged with and listened to our nonprofit partners to better understand what has, and has not, been the most helpful with the fund’s application process. We thoughtfully considered this learning as we planned the evolution of the Bright Idea Fund’s grantmaking strategy. The goal: To design an improved strategy and application process that will be forward-thinking and nimble enough to meet nonprofit and community needs and fulfill the Foundation’s mission for years to come.   

Focus Areas

Arts & Culture, Basic Needs & Self-Sufficiency, Community Development, Environment, and Nonprofit Effectiveness. (Environmental requests also must meet at least one of these priorities of the Environmental Stewardship Fund.)

Our Grantmaking Is Guided By The Following Values:

1. Respect: We treat the people and organizations with whom we work with dignity and respect, and as partners in our shared goal to improve individual and community well-being.

2. Integrity: We steward resources responsibly, make thoughtful and transparent decisions, and we keep our promises and commitments.

3. Teamwork: We serve our community best when we solve problems together, share resources, and listen to one another, especially to those with lived experience.

4. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: We are committed to appreciating and engaging diverse voices, removing barriers to opportunity, and eliminating disparities so that all people may thrive.

5. Creativity: We embrace new ways of thinking, strive to take risks, and we encourage and support visionary ideas.

To Apply Beginning August 15, 2022

STEP 1: Eligibility

Are you a charitable organization? If not, do you have a fiscal sponsor?

Do you serve people in the Foundation’s geographic service area? Does your proposal meet the Foundation’s grant policies?

Is your organization working in the areas of Arts & Culture, Basic Needs & Self-Sufficiency, Community Development, Environment, and Nonprofit Effectiveness?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, STOP:

Explore other funds at the Community Foundation
or from other community funders.

STEP 2: Which path do you take?

If you answered YES to all of these questions above, consider applying to the Community Vision Fund (formerly Bright Idea Fund) when grantmaking resumes with rolling deadlines August 15, 2022.

Click below to see how the Fund is impacting the Fox Valley and strengthening our communities!  Here is an archive of our past grant results:

FY2020-2021 | FY2019-2020 | FY2018-2019 | FY2017-2018

News For Grantseekers!

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