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Stories of Giving

People making a difference in the lives of others today and for generations to come. What will be your story?

We all need to tend to the woodpile

We have enjoyed a successful business enterprise. ... We wish to give back.

A simple, earthy slogan that Christine and Robert Faulks live by explains why you will find their names on the Community Foundation’s list of Himebaugh Legacy Circle members.

“Leave the woodpile higher than you found it.”

The most simple of concepts, the sentence defines manners, consideration and philanthropy.

The Legacy Circle recognizes Foundation supporters now for gifts they plan to leave to a fund or funds here after their lifetimes. The Faulks recently chose to be counted among them.

The Waupaca community has supplied their woodpile well. The family construction company – Faulks Brothers Construction Inc., now in the hands of the next generation, brothers Robert and Randy Faulks – has done well.

“We have enjoyed a successful business enterprise thanks to the loyalty of our customers and employees,” Christine said. “We wish to give back in the areas of food insecurity, domestic abuse, homelessness, land conservation and parks, and faith-based needs.”

Christine also has given of her time and expertise as a founding member and longtime board member of the Waupaca Area Community Foundation.

The Faulks said it is very important to plan ahead and be thoughtful about what you want your legacy to represent.

“We encourage others to form the best team possible to help you establish a long-term giving strategy, including an attorney, accountant, financial planner and the team at the Community Foundation team.”

You can make an impact on the people and projects that matter to you long after you are no longer here. The Himebaugh Legacy Circle recognizes those who have made future plans for their favorite charitable causes through a bequest or similar deferred gift to the Foundation.