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Stories of Giving

People making a difference in the lives of others today and for generations to come. What will be your story?

Charitable legacy in place early

Our fund is igniting brilliance and supporting a variety of organizations that do great work in our community.

Chad Herschner and Jeff Amstutz don’t sit on the sidelines when needs arise for their favorite causes – giving of their time, their money and their considerable talent. Only in their early 40s, they have already outlined in their estate plan how their philanthropy will live on after them.

They have a range of interests, including LGBT initiatives, the arts, youth programs and preventing child abuse. They established the AH-HA Fund within the Community Foundation to be able to easily help meet the needs of a variety of nonprofits immediately and for the long-term. They describe their fund’s focus as “igniting brilliance and supporting a variety of organizations that do great work in our community.”

Chad was raised by foster parents who instilled in him the importance of giving back. He works as senior director of philanthropy at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Jeff is owner and creative director of A2Z Design in Appleton, which offers graphic design and marketing services to a wide variety of clients,  including the Community Foundation and many other nonprofits.

They said that when they came to the Fox Valley in 2007, they found a remarkable place that inspires volunteerism, philanthropy and a commitment to making a difference. They have agreed to be listed among the Himebaugh Legacy Circle members at the Foundation as a way to encourage giving back.