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Voices From the Valley

A podcast of the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region

Affordable Housing Crisis

In this episode, and over the next several weeks, we’re going to explore a critical topic in our local communities: The affordable housing crisis. An increasing number of families are in a desperate search for an affordable, safe home to buy or rent, or to prevent eviction from their current home.

An estimated one of every three households in our region struggles to afford basic needs, like shelter, food, technology, transportation and health care. Even when residents have an income from their job, it’s just not enough to meet the rising costs of mortgages and rents, to help them stay in or find new housing.

Our housing crisis episodes will capture the work done in a series reports done by the New News Lab, a partnership of local and state newsrooms supported by strategic partners (including the Community Foundation), all working together to support local journalism and help us get a grasp of just how huge this issue is in our area.


  • at 4:16    Amber Edwards
  • at 12:17   Jeff Bollier
  • at 12:34  Natalie Brophy
  • at 18:50  Jim Fitzhenry and Megan Mulholland

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