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Voices From the Valley

A podcast of the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region

Local Podcasters Lifting Our Community

Today we’re doing an entire podcast episode about podcasts! Why do people like them so much, and how are organizations using this audio platform to tell their stories in a whole new way? And what do you need to do to start your own podcast? It’s easier than you might think!

What is a podcast? It is simply an audio tool that people and organizations can use to tell their stories and inspire people to think, dream, engage and act.

Unlike radio, podcasts are not live. Recorded episodes can be downloaded from a streaming service.

Here are some interesting facts about podcasts:

  • The average person spends seven+ hours per week listening to podcasts.
  • Podcast listeners will account for 20.% of all internet users, which translates into 424.2 million listeners across the world.
  • Did you know that men tend to listen to podcasts more than women do.

And – At least 33% of people who don’t listen to podcasts aren’t sure how to get started. Source:


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Voices from the Valley