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How to Amplify Your High Net Worth Practice with Charitable Planning”  

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Spotlight on Ben Adams, McCarty Law LLP, Appleton Wis.

“Working with the Community Foundation is simple!”

Attorney Ben Adams explains why he refers his clients to the Community Foundation’s helpful staff to easily create a legacy to achieve their philanthropic goals.

“The Community Foundation staff is a terrific resource that makes an estate planner’s job much easier.”

Attorney Ben Adams relies on the Community Foundation staff’s knowledge and resources to help him maximize charitable giving options to suit his clients’ needs and interests.

“Partnering with the Community Foundation can strengthen your client relationships.”

Some advisors who are newer to estate and investment planning might not be aware of how useful a partner like the Community Foundation is in helping their clients, says  attorney Ben Adams.

“Collaborating with the Community Foundation helps my clients…”

Attorney Ben Adams has connected his clients to the Community Foundation staff for 25 years. “I think it’s made my job so much easier and improves the planning and provides help to my clients in very complex and challenging situations.”

Spotlight on Chris Mares, Hooper Law Office, Appleton Wis.

Helping clients leave a meaningful legacy for their loved ones

Attorney Chris Mares shares how he engages his clients with a tool he developed called “Heritage: Share Your Story” in one-on-one meetings or with groups, so that an individual’s or family’s legacy story is preserved forever.