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Volunteer of the Year

Janet Berry Volunteer of the Year Award

This award recognizes an individual or a couple for exemplary volunteerism through a single act, or a number of acts, that have made the Fox Valley a better place in which to live.

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Who Qualifies?

An individual who meets the criteria and who has positively impacted the Fox Valley community. Candidate must reside or do the majority of their volunteer work in Outagamie, Calumet, Waupaca or northern Winnebago counties.

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  • A volunteer who has made great strides in their efforts to impact positive change in the Fox Valley, by creating, working for, or donating to a local nonprofit agency or community organization.
  • A volunteer whose efforts – either through time, resources, or influence – have been paramount to the success of the program or community need in which they have worked to improve.

Past recipients

Chad Kazel

2020 Winner: Chad Kazel

“I picked the Boys & Girls club because that’s where I do the bulk of my volunteering.  The Child Grieving center is one of the first organizations I got involved with.  They welcomed me with open arms and deal with family tragedy and loss head on.  I love being able to make a difference and seeing the children’s progression as they go through their grief journey.  Each person is different in so many ways and no path is the same.  They help me with my journey as much as I help them with theirs. I picked the run away program because I was a foster child and went through a lot of the situations they help with.  This is such a valuable resource for children that deal with abuse and neglect.  It gives children an avenue of safety when they have nobody else.

Both of these programs are amazing and not everyone knows they’re there as a resource.  I want as many people to know about these as possible so they know they have somewhere to turn when life gets rough.  Mental health is a major problem that a lot of people deal with by themselves.  We need everyone to know about these programs so they know they don’t need to go through everything alone.” – Chad Kazel

2019: Cindy Reffke
2018: Cheri Duchrow
2017: Mary Downs
2016: Drew & Diane MacDonald
2015: John Bergstrom
2014: Katie Davis
2013: Emily, Gloria & Cliff Siebers
2012: Jerry Koenig
2011: Matthew Gerrits
2010: Nancy Peterson
2009: Mel Heckel
2008: Judy Collar
2007: Jean Long Manteufel
2006: Jay Breyer
2005: Kevin Kendall
2004: Erno & Anna Szilagyi
2003: Raymond Barlow
2002: Tim Higgins
2001: Beth Nemecek
2000: Tony Guckenberger
1999: Chris Doyle
1998: Joyce A. BytofHonorees prior to Celebrating Our Volunteers Gala:
1996: Diane Ragus
1995: Veta Wichman
1994: Erwin Gauerke
1993: Ethel Diermeier
1992: Mary Jane Popp
1991: Sue Coenen
1990: Roman Griesbach
1989: Lynn Dahl
1988: Milton Walter
1987: Joe Appleton and Judie Gillespie
1986: John Day
1985: Nancy Winslow
1984: Janet Erdman
1983: Dick Weinert
1982: Janet Berry