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Small Steps in learning

Kathy and Richard Block have made education both a profession and a passion.

Although they have since retired, they believe that continuous small steps in learning are the path to make a difference in the lives of others.

They established the Small Steps Scholarship within the Clintonville Area Community Foundation to encourage individuals who would like to improve skills and performance abilities so that they, too, can make a positive change. 

Individuals who reside in Clintonville and have been out of high school for a year or more and who want or need more education to achieve a better quality of life are eligible. 

Applicants are asked to write a short explanation describing how a course, seminar, or workshop will help not only themselves, but their community.  

Kathy and Richard believe there is a ripple effect that benefits the Clintonville area when individuals grow and prosper personally and professionally, which is what they hope to impact through this scholarship. 

Through the generosity of people, businesses and organizations passionate about helping students achieve their education dreams, we have more than $1 million in scholarships available each year to students from 60 schools, available for high school seniors, college and nontraditional students and K-12 art and music camps and lessons. Learn more about creating a scholarship fund.

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